Your heavy-duty truck needs attitude with function.

The Chevy 2500 and 3500 are specifically designed for everyday driver and the heavy-duty utility use .  To go with a powerful truck like this, you'll need Heavy Duty Winch bumpers. Make a statement or make a upgrade that will have fit and finish with functionality.  Search below to find different bumper makes for your Chevy Silverado 2500/3500 HD . Winch Ready Sales front and rear  winch bumpers.

  • We sculpt each bumper to compliment the body lines of the Chevy Silverado 2500/3500.
  • Our Stealth bumper line takes full advantage of high angle faceting,  CNC laser cutting makes for clean fitment and weldment.
  • Winch Ready Bumpers are compatible with all airbags.
  • Options for auxiliary lighting.
  • Winches are designed for foot forward winch mounting.
  • Front and Rear Parking Sensor Ports
  • Engineered frame mounts comply with factory safety frame crumple zone
  • Fleet Guard protects against deer strikes and other impacts
  • Optimum hard mount points for extreme recovery operations
  • Show pride in your Chevy with a specially-made Winch Ready bumper system.

When you purchase a bumper from us, you get the ultimate front and rear, protection for your vehicle, and stellar design.








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