Powder Coating in redding CA

We now Offer Powder Coating for More than Just Bumpers

At Winch Ready Bumpers we do our own professional powder coating jobs on our custom-made bumpers and we can use the same tough technology on your personal or commercial project. Nothing is more annoying than a brand new coat of paint that can't stand up to the elements. That's why we use the best quality equipment and make sure you'll be satisfied with the appearance of your finished product.

Powder coating is a superior option in any many ways to traditional paint coating. The main advantages are:

  • Thicker Coatings: You can create much thicker (and therefore more resilient) coatings using powder coating than with other methods. This coats won't run, sag, or develop eccentricities of appearance like other coatings will.
  • More consistent Texture: With powder coating, there's very little difference between the appearance of horizontally and vertically coated surfaces, which gives your truck a sleeker look.
  • Specialty effects: Powder coating is just more versatile. If you have a particular design or effect you want, chances are it's only possible with powder coating.
We believe that your project is an investment worth protecting with the best powder coating in Redding.
— Owner/CEO Winch Ready Bumpers

Do you have a Commercial or Personal project that needs to be powder coated?

Here's how we do it:

There are three steps to the powder coating process: Pre-treatment, powder application, curing.

Pre-treatment: First we use chemical immersion to remove all particles from the surface of the bumper that could interfere with the quality of the powder coat. We apply several faces of treatment to the metal to remove all oil, dirt, grease, metal particles and so on. We then use steel grit to clean the surface before coating. Pre-treatment is a lot of work, but it's what distinguishes our powder coating from lower-quality work. We put in the effort to give you the sleekest possible appearance.

Powder Application: Next we apply the powder using a coating gun that applies a positive charge to the powder. This charge causes the powder to bond to the metal through static electricity. We then heat the powder coating until it forms a nice, uniform film.

Curing: Finally, the coating is cured using a convection oven and cooled into a hard, scratch-resistant shell.

At the end of the process we deliver you a sleek, uniform, color coating that is made to last.

We have powder coated everything from picnic tables to industrial parts right here in Redding, CA

Call us today to see if we can powder coat your commercial or personal project. 

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