What are the differences from your Winch Ready Bumper and your competitors bumper?
1) We build our bumpers in the United States. 2) We build all our bumpers in house so we build to the highest quality.  3) We are flexible and can make changes to our bumpers to meet our customer's needs.



What size Winch will fit in a Front Winch Ready Bumper?
All of our full size truck bumper will fit up to a 16,500 lb winch. 
All the small trucks Dakota or Tacoma front bumper will fit up to a 10,000 lb winch.


How much does a FrontWinch Ready Bumper weigh?
Front base winch bumper with no tubing weights 145 lbs , Pre-runner winch bumper weights 150 lbs, Pre-runner II weight 158 lbs, and the Fleet Guard weights 180 lbs.


How much does the rear Winch Ready Bumper weigh?
The full size truck rear bumper weights 110 lbs.


What steel thickness is your Winch Ready Bumpers made of?
3/16”  Highest Grade ASTM A36 descaled Pickled Oil Sheet Steel.


What lights fit in the front Winch Ready Bumper?
Well we have 3 options of light can openings 1. Round light cans 4” is for a PIAA 510 or 530 some of our HD bumpers have a 4” and a 6” light can opening the 6” is for a PIAA 540 or 560. The other options are for Dual Infused or Square LED’s so the Rigid Dually or the Rigid D2’s


What is a Quick Disconnect Box? 
It is a Battery Port for a Warn Quick Connect power lead used for jumper cable connection, portable Winch Connection and post hole equipment etc.


What Light kit fits in your rear Winch Ready Bumpers use? 
The Rigid Industries 98000 LED light kit.


What is the winch bolting pattern?
It is a 4.5 on 10.


Do you offer Powder Coating?
Yes we do all our own Powder coating, we Clean the raw steel by sand blasting then powder coat primer the bumper and then Powder Coat color.  We offer 5 colors.