fine-tune the design of your new rear bumper

Below you can select the options for your new rear bumper that you like the most. All of our bumpers are manufactured and powder coated in-house by professionals, using the highest quality equipment and materials. Whether you choose a bumper with or without a winch, these options will provide the best protection for your vehicle, and serve all of your other needs as well.

Rear-Bumper Style

Stealth Rear

The ultimate rear bumper protection. This heavy duty bumper is made of 3/16" A36 steel and has high-faceting design style.


Rear Bumper Winch-Area Options


Winch Ready

The classic choice - this will accept rear winches of all types. See individual brand pages for information on towing capacity.


No Winch

A cheaper option for those who do not need a winch on their vehicle. These bumpers still deliver amazing protection from damage.


Light Bar

The light bar mount will allow to attach bright LED's as fog lights, off-road lights and more. Functional and stylish.


Rear Bumper Light Options


Rear Bumper Add-Ons