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Dixie & crew built front & rear bumpers on my GMC 25500HD, with the warn 12000lb winch up front. ive been using these bumpers steadily the past 2.5 years pulling pickups,(even Chevys n GMC’s), Backhoes that have rolled down steep hills And was able to get the backhoe upright pulling it over uphill with ease! no damage to backhoe also. my Winch Ready Bumpers have always operated flawlessly, they have stayed torqued to specks still to my frame after several hard pulls with the winch, with the rear Winch Ready Bumper chained to a tree. both bumpers are still tight. The Baddest ass Bumpers on the Market! Thank You Winch Ready Bumpers/Dixie for creating such
an exceptional product! Shasta Counties Own People! Best On The Market & The Best Customer Service Who Stand Behind There Products & Customers.Extremely Satisfied Customer!
— Jimmy Jackson
Well...... I couldn’t say enough good about winch ready! Bought front and rear bumpers over 7 years ago and there still on strong.... Had one of the first prototypes rear bumpers with a swinging spare tire holder. I’m driving a f 250 and mounting a 35 on the back was no small task! Had some problems with the bumper working itself loose, winch ready continued to work on it till they had it right... I Havnt had a problem since, my swinging spare tire holder is mounted solid on my rear bumper! Also, check other delears, they wanted 1900$ plus shipping! I got hands on up front service and did not pay that high price...... If your going to buy bumper go down to the shop and place an order... These guys know what there doing
— Donnavan Kelley
Well i was just involved in my 3rd accident to day (none where my fault) since i have gotten my bumper from winch ready. The first one was a lady who pulled out in front of me. Bumper good saturn trunk not so good. The second was a small truck that pulled out in front of me. This one tweaked the bumper. But these guys worked there magic and re straiten my bumper and it looks as good as new. The third a lady tried to side swipe my truck. But because of this a some bumper i drove away with just a scratch on my bumper and her drivers rear quarter panel, taillight and bumper where all destroyed. I will never not own a truck with out one of there superb bumpers on it. It has saved my truck and me money
— John Pember

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