heavy-duty bumpers for a heavy-duty truck

Find yourself a powerful steel bumper or high-durability aluminum bumper for your Dodge Ram 4500/5500. This is an incredibly powerful truck, and taking it off the road is a great experience. Not to mention a winch bumper will significantly increase its practicality for towing. We've got tons of great front and rear options below.

  • Our bumpers are customized to look natural and stylish on your specific make and model Dodge Ram 4500/5500
  • Dodge detail is designed to match the 2nd and 3rd generation RAM OE lines. Designed specifically for Sport or Standard model trim packages. 3rd generation design features molded headlight contours.
  • Winch Ready bumpers advanced bumper concepts offer unmatched style, protection, and utility
  • Winches are designed for foot forward winch mounting.
  • Engineering frame mounts comply with factory safety frame crumple zone
  • Fleet Guard provides total protection against deer strikes
  • Optimum factory frame hard mount points for extremely difficult recovery operations



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